Ricardo guillermo, ARTIST


The cave people with sticks of charcoal traced the outline of their prey before the hunt.  A premonition of the capture.  The devotee twirls or kneels and prays for health and wellbeing for his loved ones and for peace in the world.  Many prayers are answered, why not this one that surely we all have?

Is it the dance that makes the dancer?  Is it the song that makes the singer?  How can I choose the favorite of my children?  So much to do and so little time.  A brief burst of flame and we are consumed, like that Greek with wings of wax and feathers, too close to the sun.  Each discipline, one flap of the wing, one breath, one pulse of the heart, ever closer to our maker.

“We are the flute.  Our music is thine.”

- Rumi                                

“The visible world was made to correspond to the world invisible and there is nothing in this world but is a symbol of something in that other world.”

- Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali, Ilya (11th  century)

Welcome to my home page.  You can learn about me through my work and play on the following pages.  I try to combine science and art in all I do and this is revealed best when I forget myself and become a conduit for converging universal forces that allow things to become through me.  The greatest of these forces is love. There is a set, a place, a smile, a building, a photograph, a painting, a dance movement, a rhythm, a song in the future awaiting to become through me. 

An abundance of love